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Joey Sabourin

Joey Sabourin

Medicine Hat Realtor ® with Royal LePage

I have always been in love with real estate. I think the passion started when I was a teenager helping my dad flip houses. It really helped teach me the value of labour, and what goes into making a house a home. I continued to be involved with construction into my late twenties as owner/operator of a painting company. Working with mostly new construction, I wanted to stand out from the rest so I paid most of my attention to the small details. Even going as far as patching every little flaw in a closet, very well knowing that no one would ever see if there was a flaw in there. I took pride in my work and that trait has carried over into my real estate career. I love real estate! I take pride in it! I want to do everything I can to find you that perfect house, your dream home! I want to market your house to the best of my ability using my creativity to showcase its unique qualities, because every house (just like every person) is unique!

Rachel Sabourin

Rachel Sabourin

Wife and Assistant to Joey Sabourin

I began working with Joey back in August of 2017 right before our daughter Ava was born (October 2017). Dabbling here and there with social media stuff as well as assisting Joey with office duties. With the business growing as fast as it is, I decided to take time away from Massage Therapy (after 10 years in the field) to help Joey full-time. I now organize and plan all our social media ad's/posts, bring ideas to the team on how to promote our listings in a new and creative way, as well I have also deemed myself the team's "Goal Coordinator". Basically I'm the cheerleader of the group, trying to keep us on track with everything from completing daily tasks, accomplishing monthly goals, and making sure we are on target for our annual goals as well! I have really fallen in love with this new career and have a passion for it! Working with my best friend is pretty awesome too! We may tend to work a bit too much.... but we have the vision that we want to provide an elevated customer service experience when it comes to real estate!

Devonee Gray

Devonee Gray

Client Liaison & Unlicensed Assistant to Joey Sabourin

I joined Joey’s team in June of 2019 as his Client Liaison and Unlicensed Assistant. My job is to work on everything behind the scenes such as making contracts, organizing his schedule, and sometimes I’m even Joey’s personal paparazzi. I first met Joey and Rachel at the Keg where I had been serving for 2 years prior. We got to talking about my passions in Real Estate and the rest is history. I know that I am still quite young but I have been interested in this industry my whole life. Growing up, my parents would do the odd flip here and there. They taught me at a young age that every house has potential; you just have to be able to imagine what it’ll look like when it’s finished . Outside of work, I like to spend my time creating Art. I mostly focus on hyperrealism, but recently I have taken a step back to challenge myself with different forms of art. I plan on getting more involved in the Medicine Hat art community in the next few years.

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